Safety Thursday: Avoiding Collisions at Intersections


An intersection is one of the most complex traffic situations that motorists encounter while driving.  Intersections present dangerous challenges to even the most experienced and cautious drivers.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, intersection-related fatalities account for 40% of all reported crashes and 21.5% of all traffic fatalities.

While professional drivers have a responsibility as they approach, enter and cross intersections; the FHA suggests that every driver should expect the unexpected and exercise the following measures:

  • Slow down when approaching an intersection
  • Cover the brake with your right foot to increase reaction time
  • Scan the intersection ahead of you so you are aware of all surroundings
  • Know where you are going and which lane you should be using
  • Look left, then right and then left again to check for traffic before crossing an intersection
  • Use turn signals to show others your intentions
  • Never block an intersection while stopped in traffic

Crossing intersections at night can be especially hazardous. Use these tips to keep you and the drivers around you as safe as possible:

  • Keep the sides of your truck clean
  • Make sure side marker lights are operational
  • Use extra care when hauling dark-colored empty flatbed trailers

The most common citation issued involving truck/car collisions at intersections is failure to yield. The FHA recommends drivers to drive defensively when approaching intersections and make collision avoidance at intersections a top priority.

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