Safety Thursday: Safe Parking


Collisions in parking lots are among the most common accidents drivers experience. Just a small ding or dent may not seem that stressful, but it can cost drivers a lot of money and time.

BackingUp0715Consider these recommendations from the National Safety Council when parking:

  • Be careful about accelerating and drive away slowly from any parking spot.
  • Practice GOAL – “Get Out And Look” before you begin backing out of a parking spot.
  • Keep your guard up until the brakes are set and the truck is in the desired position.
  • Parking shortages continue to be a challenge for owner-operators. Consider using Apps like Trucker Tools and Trucker Path for help finding a place to stop and park.
  • Watch out for pedestrians and, when it’s possible, park in an area where there is less pedestrian traffic.
  • Consider security! Choose a well-lit area, preferably against a fence to reduce the chance of cargo theft.

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