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September Star of Quality Awards Announced


When members of the Landstar family go above and beyond the call of duty, their extra efforts are recognized with Landstar’s Star of Quality Award. Deserving business capacity owners (BCOs) and agents receive bronze, silver, gold or platinum lapel pins recognizing their dedication to the best in transportation services.

Our thanks to the following Landstar owner operators and agents who are among the most elite in the freight transportation industry.

Star of Quality Award Winners of September 2016


Christopher Lamar Orr

*A platinum star is awarded in exceptional circumstances such as those faced with a life or death situation.


Vickie L. Hogue Dodwell*, James Dominguez, Newell Nixon, Ronda Nixon.

*Going beyond the Gold – recipient has received multiple Gold Star Awards.


Stanley J. Boss Sr., V. Wayne Crutcher, Dickie G. Penrod, David R. Twigger, Connie L. Twigger.


Anthony J. Battle, Scott C. Beddingfield, Alberto Chavez Chavez, Phung Ky Duong, Charles E. Garrett Jr., James Karl Hopson, Daniel Kepler, Lloyd Edward Lampman, Donald J. Legowsky, Shawn Lemmon, Edwin F. Melvin Jr. Caroline J. Ray, Jason D. Ray, Victoria Lee Sampson, William Keith Sampson, Steven Aulis Santala, James Edward Slinkard Jr., Leona Fay Slinkard, Tim L. Smith, Robert L. Viele Jr., Jack D. Wilder.

If you would like to nominate a Landstar BCO or agent to receive a Star of Quality Award, send an email to StarQ@Landstar.com

Safety Thursday: Complete and Accurate Dispatch

At Landstar, safety is the number one priority on every load dispatched.  Every agent, BCO and carrier at Landstar expects valid information regarding the freight they are agreeing to transport and that information plays a crucial role in the transport.

Landstar customers expect their shipments to be picked up and delivered to the destination on time and without accidents or claims. Agents play an important role in the process by using Landstar’s Complete and Accurate dispatch procedure.

Various items are included in Landstar’s Complete and Accurate dispatch check list:

  • Freight description including height, weight and dimensions
  • Accurate shipper and consignee information
  • Hours of service status
  • High risk procedures needed
  • Equipment requirements
  • Specific instructions needed for complete and accurate dispatch

Inclement weather can also disrupt safe and timely travel. Agents, BCOs and carriers should remember that communication in these situations is key to successful shipments.

Landstar BCOs and Agents can reference Landstar’s Complete and Accurate Dispatch check list at any time by logging into LandstarOnline.com.Safe Lane Usage

 Join Landstar on the Safety Thursday Conference Call, Thursday April 21, 2016 at 12 p.m. EST. Dial 1-877-717-5921 to join in.