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Summer Holiday Cargo Alert from Landstar

A load at rest is a load at risk!

Cargo thieves do not take holidays off, they use the holiday season to capitalize on poorly coordinated dispatch. Cargo thieves are always on the lookout for unattended equipment loaded with High Risk Cargo (HRC) or other lucrative cargo which is easily marketed for a quick profit. It takes less than 5 minutes for a cargo thief to steal your truck, trailer and load.

With approaching holidays in Canada and the United States, Landstar is reminding all BCOs, Carriers and 3rd Party Logistics providers to be mindful of their trucks, trailers and cargo during this high-risk time.

Businesses will be closed as Canada celebrates Canada Day on Wednesday July 1st and Friday, July 3rd for Independence Day in the U.S.

Here are some tips to keep you secure:

  • Verify your shipper’s and receiver’s holiday schedule.
  • Remember to use your locks!
  • HRC cannot be taken home for any reason.
  • Secure yards available across the country, but they fill up quickly around holidays.

If you need assistance, contact Landstar Security and Cargo Loss Prevention at 800-872-9103.

A Platform for Success

Landstar truly offers a career path for owner/operators looking to move from van to platform freight. You can lease to Landstar with absolutely no platform experience and wind up hauling the big, heavy stuff. To get started, take Landstar’s free two-day securement course. We even pay for your food and lodging while attending the class. No trailer, no problem. Landstar has company platform equipment available to you.

After you haul legal freight, safely and compliantly for a relatively short period of time following securement class, you can move up to 10-foot-wide, over-dimensional loads. Then, once you have safely moved six loads of 10-foot-wide freight, you can upgrade to larger projects, and from there, you can progress to multi-axle trailers and specialized freight as your experience, skills and desire allows.

Roadstar and 2 Million Mile Safe Driver Bruce Bryant is a prime example of a BCO who has taken full advantage of this opportunity. Bryant came to Landstar as van operator, but after roughly two years pulling van freight he wanted more revenue and more of a challenge.

“Once I got into flatbed I enjoyed it and my revenue went up so I said, ‘Maybe I need to look into going into more specialized.’ So I moved up to stepdeck and was able to make even more money there because you have more oversize freight,” says Bryant, who eventually purchased a 4-axle truck and low boy double drop. “I’ve been doing that ever since and the money is great. It opened up a lot more doors.”

He says it was Landstar that provided him the opportunity take his career to this next level.

“Some companies do not provide that. Once you get on as a van operator it’s very hard to move from van to flatbed. Landstar’s not like that,” Bryant says. “I was able to go to flatbed, then progress to stepdeck and ultimately to lowboy and the oversized stuff. That’s one of the great things about Landstar – the freedom to do what you want.”